Three Reasons To Choose Solar Lanterns

Millions of people love to show off their backyards and other portions of their landscape. They will research all of their options. They will design the flower beds, the trees and shrubs as well as fences (stone or otherwise). One of the final touches that they will contemplate is the proper lighting for their masterpiece.

Let us face facts, without proper lighting your perfectly manicured landscape will only be able to be appreciated during the daylight hours. So the would-be landscape designers will then start researching their lighting options. Many will focus on different types of wall lanterns in order to illuminate their yard as well as provide some security in certain areas. Given that energy costs are at an all time high these days, homeowners naturally gravitate to the option of solar wall lanterns. These lanterns are discovered to provide the same light as the more traditional wired alternatives and quickly become the preferred option for three reasons.

The first reason is that solar lanterns can be placed anywhere. The lantern can be placed anywhere you want it. The distance from an electrical outlet does not need to be considered and no ground needs to be dug up to provide a power line to the lamp. This allows you to show off more of your landscape for a reduced cost.

The second reason that solar lanterns are preferred is that they use no electricity. The inclusion of solar in the name is the big tip-off here. So long as the lanterns get as much as 8 hours of sunlight they will return almost twice that in night-time illumination. So not only are they less costly to install, but they save you money each month that you use them. Imagine your electricity bill not going up but your backyard still lit up every night.

The third reason that solar lanterns are preferred is that they are better for the environment. This point is also self-evident. If the lanterns themselves use no electricity, then they are not using power that is generated by a power plant that is run by burning fossil fuels. Global climate change is a real concern to some people and their buying decisions reflect this concern that some people have.

As an option for backyard illumination, solar lanterns are inexpensive install, are low on-going cost to maintain and operate and are Earth-friendly. Not a bad option to consider when you want to entertain guests and dazzle them with your landscape on a warm summer night, huh?


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