Solar Powered Landscape Lighting - Say No to Wires in Your Landscaping

Solar powered landscape lighting is a solution to consider for any gardening enthusiast. Solar powered landscape lighting is a substantial step forward in modern landscaping, since solar lighting eliminates one of the major disadvantages of the regular landscape lighting - long, bulky and unsightly wires.

Solar powered landscape lighting uses natural solar energy for emitting light. This type of landscape lighting is both cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Solar powered landscape lighting will allow you to safeguard your children and pets from getting an electric shock, while being in your garden. The lighting wires will never get damaged by animals, since there will be no wires. No wires also mean that this type of lighting can be easily relocated throughout your garden in the future.

Why does the number of homeowners, who opted for solar powered landscape lighting, increase day after day?

1. Solar powered landscape lighting comes in a large assortment of landscape lighting solutions, including spotlights, bollards, flashlights, floodlights, garden lighting, lawn lighting, step lights, pathway lights, hanging path lights, wall lights, deck lights, flagpole lights, light strings, tube lights, lantern lights, address lights, and even floating pool lights.

2. Solar powered landscape lighting also provides you with a wide choice of materials, such as copper, bronze, stainless steel, metal, plastic, as well as chrome coated units.

3. There are a wide number of decorative lights to choose from for your solar powered landscape lighting design, including glass globes, stone lights, color changing orbs, butterflies, hummingbirds, dragonflies, fireflies, flower lights, lights in the form of mushrooms and so on.

Solar powered landscape lighting operates on solar panels, rechargeable batteries and light emitting diodes. Solar panels accumulate solar energy, charge the battery and produce light through the LED. On a sunny day, the battery will get charged to produce over 14 hours of light. Your solar powered landscape lighting units will shine even on cloudy days. However, they will produce less light in the evening and on cloudy days. Solar powered landscape lighting looks gorgeous and is very functional.

With the use of solar powered landscape lighting units, you can illuminate your garden paths, stairs, alpine slides, polls, flowerbeds and other landscapes in your garden. Solar powered landscape lighting can be set up anywhere, where the sun shines in the daytime in your garden. Many of the units can be placed on the walls and polls with the use of brackets. Photo sensors will make your landscape lighting automatically turn on in the evening, shining until the morning. Throughout the whole day, the units will be charging, and then they will start shining on the next evening. Most models come with an integrated button to switch your lights on and off whenever you wish to do so.

Solar powered landscape lighting includes a number of advantages over regular landscape lighting. For example, solar powered landscape lights require no maintenance whatsoever. Never will they burn out, as well as they will shine without any electricity. This type of lighting will also allow you to save on expensive landscaping works, and it will eliminate any need in wiring. All that has to be done is to place the units in the ground or hang them on the walls and polls. Since the battery charges when the sun goes down, you will see your solar powered landscape lighting start shining that same evening. The units withstand a wide range of temperatures, stretching from 14 Fahrenheit to 122 Fahrenheit. Solar powered landscape lighting will serve you for over 10 years and will never get damaged by snow, rain or fog. This type of lighting is very fashionable, functional and absolutely autonomous. This lightning will allow any gardening enthusiast to implement their boldest landscaping ideas.


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