Solar Power Advantages and Disadvantages

Solar Energy is on the forefront of renewable energy sources, and while I have been very interested for quite some time, a great majority of people around the world are now getting a fresh perspective on this clean technology. The advent of Do-It-Yourself guides with directions to build a solar panel, and then to use it, into your personal situation has made it THE technology of today and the future.

Below is a compilation of many solar tech advantages and disadvantages, and although not absolutely complete, it is obvious how the number of positives relating to solar energy, greatly outweigh the cons of solar technology.

The biggest reason we are failing to see a large number of solar energy technology installations is due to perceived cost, and sadly, as the price of fossil fuels remains lower than the initial investment towards the current crop of solar panels, we will not see a shift towards solar electricity production.

Solar Energy Pros:

There are no negative environmental effects to solar technology production, when compared to other sources of energy.

Solar panels produces power quietly. The production of power from the use of fossil and some renewable fuels (such as wind turbines) are very noisy!

One of the great advantages of solar technology is the ability to harness power in remote areas that are not connected to any nationwide grid. A fine example of this is in space, where satellites are powered by high efficiency solar cells.

The use of solar technology to produce electricity allows the consumer to become less dependent on the world's fossil fuel stores.

The installation of solar panels in rural locations is usually much more cost effective than installing the necessary high voltage wires.

Another interesting pro of solar technology is the price. Although the initial investment of solar cells may be high, once installed, they produce a free source of electricity, which will pay off over the future.

Solar technology can be extremely efficient in a large area of the globe, and new technologies allow for more effective power production on dull days.

Solar cells can be placed on top of many rooftops, which cancels the challenge of finding the necessary space for solar panel placement.

DIYers are finding that Solar cells can be constructed at very inexpensive rates!

Solar Energy Cons:

The major con of solar technology is the initial cost of solar cells. Currently, prices of highly efficient solar cell arrays can be above $1000, and some homes may need more than one. This makes the initial installation of solar panels very costly.

Solar energy is only able to produce electricity during sunlight hours. Therefore, around half of each day, solar cells are not generating power for your home.

Local weather can affect the energy production of solar cells.

The last solar technology negative is actually pollution, similar to overcast days pollution levels can affect a solar cells efficiency, this would be a major negative for any business or industry wishing to use solar panels in heavily polluted locations, such as some of our cities.


I'm sure you can see, the advantages, with respect to Solar Energy far outweigh the few negatives. When you consider the fact that a Solar Array can be constructed by anyone for under $200, the choice is obvious! Instructions to build a solar panel are readily available and after a complete review, the top 3 manuals are reviewed below.


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