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Solar Power Advantages and Disadvantages

Solar Energy is on the forefront of renewable energy sources, and while I have been very interested for quite some time, a great majority of people around the world are now getting a fresh perspective on this clean technology. The advent of Do-It-Yourself guides with directions to build a solar panel, and then to use it, into your personal situation has made it THE technology of today and the future.Below is a compilation of many solar tech advantages and disadvantages, and although not absolutely complete, it is obvious how the number of positives relating to solar energy, greatly outweigh the cons of solar technology.The biggest reason we are failing to see a large number of solar energy technology installations is due to perceived cost, and sadly, as the price of fossil fuels remains lower than the initial investment towards the current crop of solar panels, we will not see a shift towards solar electricity production.Solar Energy Pros:There are no negative environmental effects to solar technology produc...


Are Solar Panels Right For Your Home?

More Americans are becoming ecologically conscious than ever before. As a result of this new consciousness, individuals and families are looking for new ways to cut back on energy consumption and lead more eco-friendly lifestyles. Solar panels for homes are nothing new, but today's technological improvements make them worth another look. Are solar panels right for your home? Here's a little more about modern solar panels.When the concept of converting solar energy into usable power in homes became a reality 30-some years ago, the panels on house roofs were huge and cumbersome. Most people associated solar-powered homes with remote cabins whose residents didn't have access to a communal electrical grid and needed alternative methods to get electricity. Solar panels were only for the few nature lovers who were radical in resisting the improvements of modern society.Well, those days are long gone. We now know that being ecologically conscious is the responsibility of every good citizen of the world, and each of ...


All About Solar Inverters For Home Use

If you are planning to convert to solar energy in your home either partially or completely, you must look into the parts that make up the entire solar energy systems. The solar inverters for home use rank high up on the list of such parts. In fact, such is its importance that, even when you already have all the other components but the solar inverter is absent, your solar energy plans will be for naught.Understanding Electric CurrentsBut before we can understand the importance of solar inverters, we must first know about the necessity of transforming electricity from direct current to alternating current for home use. Direct current is defined as the unidirectional flow - one constant direction - of electrical charge from a direct power source. Batteries, solar cells and thermocouples are just a few of the sources of direct current.Alternating current is electric charge that periodically reverses direction or electricity running back and forth through the circuit. The electric company provides alternating cur...


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